Stair Parts

Custom wood balusters and wood newels add a healthy dose of flare and creativity to your wooden staircase design! Our luxury wood newels and wood balusters provide support, structure, and safety to your spiral, circular, curved, or straight staircase while simultaneously adding beauty and aesthetic value to the natural warmth and design elements of your artisan wooden stairway. Browse our entire portfolio of wood baluster and wood newel post offerings below. With over a dozen options to choose from, plus our custom newel option for a one-of-a-kind newel post, the perfect option for your staircase design is within reach!

44mm Square Chamfered

44mm Ashcroft

44mm Quebec

44mm Brunswick

44mm Ontario

44mm Coloniel

44mm Cranbrook

44mm Barley Twist

52mm Coloniel Fluted

52mm Barley Twist

52mm Brunswick

52mm Coloniel

52mm Elkford

52mm Ontario

52mm Ashcroft

4075/50 87mm

4175/50 112mm

4391 138mm

F4091 156mm

RA4091 156mm

RC4091 156mm

4091 156mm

4093 187mm

4096 187mm

4097 187mm

93mm Square Chamfered

93mm Ashcroft

93mm Quebec

93mm Brunswick

93mm Barley Twist

93mm Coloniel

93mm Coloniel Fluted

93mm Cranbrook

93mm Elkford

120mm Coloniel

120mm Ashcroft

120mm Brunswick

120mm Quebec

120mm Ashcroft

120mm Elkford

120mm Barley Twist

135mm Coloniel

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