Timber Species

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American Black Walnut

A beautiful dark timber with lighter shading throughout the grain, walnut looks fantastic alone but can also create distinctive contrast products when mixed with lighter timbers such as Ash.

American White Oak

Distinct from it’s European counterpart and a little less durable, white oak is not suitable for exterior exposure. However, it is an excellent timber for interior joinery and stains well.

Scandinavian Redwood

A durable and cost effective softwood, light in colour with knots throughout it’s grain. Scandinavian redwood is a popular alternative to more expensive hardwoods and is commonly used for all interior and exterior painted products.

American White Ash

Ash can vary in colour from white to beige. The timber has a high character grain and is extremely durable for use on interior products. The light colouration means that Ash can easily be graded to much darker shades without losing any of it’s appeal.


Generally sourced from Germany, Beech is usually a light orange in colour with an attractive grain and is best suited for internal joinery.

American Red Oak

Like American White Oak this timber is an excellent choice for interior joinery and due to its wide grain and large pores, stains extremely well.

Piranha Pine

This high quality softwood was widely used during the 60’s and 70’s, especially in open plan staircases. It has a red/orange tint running through the grain and a distinctive sweet smell when cut.

Sapele Mahogany

Sourced from central and western Africa, Sapele mahogany is a rich red/brown colour and is suitable for interior and exterior joinery due to it’s character and density.


Iroko is similar in appearance and has the same properties as Teak. Iroko is one of the most durable timbers available because it contains natural oils and actually needs no preservative whatsoever. It’s colour is initially dark yellow but deepens to a rich brown. A beautiful exterior timber which shows it’s best character with a clear sealant.

European Oak

Sourced from France, Germany, Belgium and a small amount from the United Kingdom, European Oak is one of the most durable species and is therefore suitable for external products. It’s natural colour and attractive grain makes this Oak extremely appealing. However, due to it’s lighter shade, over exposure to the elements without regular coatings can see areas of this timber turn black.

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